Our model is the result of 10 years of AMURT-Haiti’s education and protection action research and training development in Haiti and was adopted by InnovEd-UniQ in 2015 in partnership with the Ministry of Education. Before professional development modules are conducted, trainers review and adapt material based on diagnostic assessments to ensure optimal learning and long-term impact. Throughout the training, there are ongoing classroom observations and coaching, using indicators that are aligned to the training modules.

The 7 Modules for the 150-hour Foundations Course:

1. Introduction to the Vivan Approach:

participants are introduced to a vision for a Lekòl Vivan (translated in English as vibrant school). They learn about the foundations of a strong classroom while learning concrete ways to engage students and connect with students.

2. Positive Learning Climate:

participants learn proactive management strategies to develop strong classroom culture while developing practical positive discipline strategies.

3. Setting up a Lesson:

participants develop an understanding of lesson plan structure- from the intellectual prep work of knowing what goes into each objective, to simple strategies for implementing parts of a lesson plan.

4. Learning Through Connection:

participants are able to understand why specific learning objectives are important and how to make lessons more engaging through culturally relevant pedagogical practices.

5. Challenging Practice:

Participants dive into strategies for asking rigorous questions throughout a lesson and using constant checks for student understanding to drive decision making throughout a lesson.

6. Responsive Teaching:

participants are introduced to multi-modality learning practices and understand how to re-teach content in new ways when misunderstandings are revealed.

7. Reflecting on Learn:

Participants learn strategies for evaluating student performance and engaging students in reflection on their own learning and growth.

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