Honor the human right to education through professional development and innovative research that transforms education policy and practice in Haiti.

About Us

Quisqueya University (uniQ) is a private institution of higher education and research with 3500 enrolled students, renowned for being one of the top universities in Haiti. Three years ago, Universitè Quisqueya founded InnovEd-UniQ which serves as an institute for innovation in education to facilitate teacher and school leader professional development, conduct research in pedagogical practices in Haiti, and push policy at the government level to promote an engaging, relevant, and reflective approach to education.

InnovEd-UniQ is promoting and enhancing quality of education by becoming a driver for systemic national change in teacher professional development and pedagogical approaches to education.

Core Beliefs

Rights-Based Approach

Our approach to education promotes the understanding of and adherence to the mandates of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) by promoting children’s rights. Educators are in an ideal position to help children understand their rights and protect the rights of others through participative and authentic discovery.

Relevant Initiatives

Haiti needs its own, home-grown innovative solutions to address issues of quality, access, and governance within the sector of education. We believe context, culture, customs, and communities are integral in the creation of dynamic and innovative learning environments.

Kreyòl as Primary Language

InnovEd-UniQ uses Kreyòl as the primary language for all training in an effort to promote the Haitian’s governments’ new policy to educate primary grade students in Kreyòl, the native language of most Haitians, rather than French, the language traditionally used in schools. We promote the research that supports children learn best in the language they speak most fluently.

Data Driven Practices

As a data-driven institute we are constantly reflecting on our action research in order to evaluate and grow our practices. Making evidence-based decisions that are grounded in data helps us analyze strengths and weaknesses of our initiatives to make informed decisions around best practices.

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